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Last Sunday’s readings were warnings of tribulations yet to come and to always be prepared for any end of life or the world by living our faith in Jesus day by day.  Today’s celebration of Jesus Christ the King in the last Sunday this liturgical year was established in 1925, in the aftermath of the Great War and the riser of nationalism, which served to ivied and often cultures.  Since nations put their own self-interest above all, conflict naturally arose.  Today, nearly one hundred years later, the powers of the worked are no closer to a just and lasting peace than they were after any major war.  With the polarization and division in our country and scandals within the Church along with an increase in natural disasters, our world continues to be in turmoil leading us to wonder inf in fact we are living in end times, such as times have been prophesied.  The celebration of Jesus Christ the King leads us to live in the hope that the ultimate victor will be Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Today’s gospel in Jesus’ won words, tells us that His kingdom is not of this world.  We must look elsewhere.  We must look into our hearts for Jesus also says the “Kingdom of Gog is within you.”  Jesus invites us today to enthrone Him King in our hearts.

In these troubling times for the Church, consider turning into EWTN News Nightly [cable 21] airing every weekday at 6-6:30 and repeated at 9-9:30pm.  This is world and national news from a Catholic perspective.  Another helpful program on EWTN is the World Over with Raymond Arroyo.  This airs live on Thursday night at 8-9 with an encore on Monday nights at 10-11.  A program that is very affirming in our Catholic faith is “The Journey Home,” an interview program where convert host Marcus Grodi hears the story of someone, often of a non-Catholic denomination, who finds his way into the Catholic Church.  This airs live on Monday evenings at 8-9 and Sunday nights at 7-8.


We congratulate our parishioner and a key player on our parish maintenance staff for having been honored at the Southwick Recreation Center where he has been a longtime volunteer.  A special feature of the night was the unveiling of an on the wall banner with Rays photo – Raymond Snow Gymnasium