Consecration of Mary

EWTN is to broadcast Friday the consecration of US and Canada to Blessed Virgin  Mary.

EWTN will air Friday at 3 pm the consecration of the U.S. and Canada to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which will take place in a liturgy celebrated by U.S. bishops’ conference president Archbishop Jose Gomez.

Gomez has invited all U.S. bishops to join him on May 1 in reconsecrating the U.S. to the Blessed Virgin Mary in response to the pandemic. The reconsecration is timed to coincide with the bishops of Canada consecrating their own country to Mary at the same time.

Archbishop Gomez, who is the Archbishop of Los Angeles, said in a letter sent to all American bishops April 22 that the Marian reconsecration would be done under the title of “Mary, Mother of the Church.”

“Every year, the Church seeks the special intercession of the Mother of God during the month of May. This year, we seek the assistance of Our Lady all the more earnestly as we face together the effects of the global pandemic,” he said in his letter.

The bishops of Canada will consecrate the Crown Dominion to Mary under the same title on the same day.

EWTN will broadcast the brief liturgy and prayer of re-consecration at 3 p.m. ET, Friday, May 1, live from Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. The event will also be aired live on EWTN’s Facebook page.

It will also be on the Catholic Channel at 3pm.    EWTN is Comcast channel 21 or HD channel 238.  Catholic channel is 268.

On the USCCB site ( home page  has information and a free printable “program” of prayers to allow you to follow along and pray with them. 

Hopefully you can join them in this reconsecration!