Fr. Henry celebrates 51 years

From your Pastor……………………Fr. Henry Dorsch
This weekend I am celebrating my 51st Anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood: May 11, 1968. I am most grateful to God for the many blessings, good health and assignments I have enjoyed over these fifty-one years and have particularly enjoyed and been blessed with wonderful people in my fifteen plus years [I arrived November 15, 2003] here as pastor of Our Lady of the Lake parish. This has been the longest period I have been at any assignment and it has truly been a wonderful faith-based experience. For a couple of years now, I have been considering and praying about the time to leave the pastorate and entering into the retirement phase of my journey of life. I’ve postponed the date a couple of times. Now I have discerned that the time has come and I now formally announce that I will be stepping down from my pastoral role on June 30, 2019. I am most grateful for the wonderful support I have received from my staff and numerous volunteer workers and the overall support of all parishioners. Together we have worked to upgrade our overall facilities and build a beautiful community spirit. Now, in winding down, I will be working toward a harmonious transition to a newly appointed pastor, not yet known but will eventually be announced. May God bless you all!