Faith Formation High School

Due to COVID19 some classes may be online. We will begin with in-person classes, but should we need to go virtual we will let families know as soon as we can.
Classes begin Sunday, October 4, in person until further notice

Faith Formation Program Pick Up Day Info

Religious Education Registration Form

Lynda Daniele: Director of Faith Formation
Roberta Rutledge: Onsite Coordinator
Faith Formation Office: 413-569-0162

The Program model includes five components: Prayer & Worship Experiences

Catechetical Mini-Course [5]

–God Questions/Understanding Holy Mass

–Jesus Questions in Gospel of St. Matthew

–Morality 1 – Theology of the Body

–Morality 2 – Theology of the Body

–Catholic Church

Special General Assembly Presentations

Parish Service – Time & Talent

Retreat Experiences

Catechetical Mini-Course Staff Lynda Daniele
Grade 9 [Sunday 5:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] God Questions/Jesus Questions – Lynda Daniele & Roberta Rutledge
Grade 10 [Sunday 5:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] Morality I & II with Text – “Theology of the Body” – Nancy Breakell & Bruce Mason
Grade 11 [Sunday 5:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] Catholic Identity, The Catholic Church – Fr. Matthew Guidi, TBA*
  *Anyone interested … call our Director of Faith Formation …
CONFIRMATION SESSIONS 2nd half – Life in the Holy Spirit – Staff – same as Grade 11
Anyone interested in becoming a teacher in any of our religious education programs in any grade is asked to call our Catechetical Leader, Lynda Daniele at 413-569-0162.