Faith Formation High School

Religious Education Registration Form

Lynda Daniele: Coordinator
Roberta Rutledge: Onsite Coordinator
Faith Formation Office: 413-569-0162

The Program model includes five components: Prayer & Worship Experiences

Catechetical Mini-Course [5]

–God Questions/Understanding Holy Mass

–Jesus Questions in Gospel of St. Matthew

–Morality 1 – Theology of the Body

–Morality 2 – Theology of the Body

–Catholic Church

Special General Assembly Presentations

Parish Service – Time & Talent

Retreat Experiences

Catechetical Mini-Course Staff Lynda Daniele
Grade 9 [Sunday 6:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] God Questions/Jesus Questions – Dorota Maliszewski
Grade 10 [Sunday 6:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] Morality I & II with Text – “Theology of the Body” – Nancy Breakell & Bruce Mason
Grade 11 [Sunday 6:45 to 6:50 Fr. Shea Hall] Catholic Identity, The Catholic Church – Fr. Matthew Guidi, Wally Daigneau
CONFIRMATION SESSIONS 2nd half – Life in the Holy Spirit – Staff – same as Grade 11
Anyone interested in becoming a teacher in any of our religious education programs in any grade is asked to call our Catechetical Leader, Lynda Daniele at 413-569-0162.